Renault and Faurecia Clarion Electronics, Faurecia’s onboard electronics business, have launched a partnership for multi-brand electronic repairs.

Through the partnership, Renault will be able to provide its garage and repair partners with access to the refurbishment of more than 1,000 products on 23 vehicle brands, including the electronics repair catalogue of the business specialising in onboard electronics.

Each product given by Renault to Faurecia Clarion Electronics will be diagnosed, repaired and finally checked before being returned to the garage within three to five days on average.

“In addition to our re-manufacturing and repair activities, which will be developed within the Re-Factory in Flins, we wanted to integrate a multi-brand electronic parts repair offer in Europe into our networks, in order to meet the needs of our customers looking for an economic and responsible offer,” said Renault Parts and Accessories Programme director, Xavier Kaufman.

“The development of the sale of services and spare parts from the circular economy is key to preserving resources and reducing the environmental footprint. It is an important part of Groupe Renault’s commitment to carbon neutrality.”

Already launched in France, the catalogue of repair services offered will be gradually extended in Europe during 2021.

Renault says it was the first carmaker to develop a complete industrial ecosystem around the vehicle life cycle to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities.

Groupe Renault Aftersales is part of the approach and offers a range of reused and refurbished parts to extend the life of vehicles.

Faurecia Clarion Electronics, one of Faurecia Group’s four businesses, works in the design and production of onboard electronic systems and multi-brand electronic repair.