Renault Group says it is accelerating its digitalization with the first ‘industrial Metaverse’.

The company claims that by 2025, its Metaverse will generate savings of €320 million, plus €260 million in inventory savings, a 60% reduction in vehicle delivery time, a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint of vehicle manufacturing and a contribution to the 60% reduction in warranty costs targeted by the whole group.

Some 100% of Renault Group production lines are now connected (8,500 pieces of equipment), 90% of supply flows are constantly monitored and 100% of Supply Chain data is hosted in the Renault Group Metaverse, described as a ‘true replica of the physical world controlled in real time’.

Engaged in Industry 4.0 since 2016, digital technology has already led to savings of €780 million, Renault says.

Jose Vicente de los Mozos, EVP, Industry Group and Head of country Iberia, said: “Every day, a billion of data are collected within the Renault Group’s industrial sites. The Metaverse provides real-time supervision that increases the agility and adaptability of industrial operations as well as the quality of production and the Supply Chain. Renault Group is becoming a pioneer in the sector.”

Renault’s Metaverse is based on four dimensions: mass data collection, digital twins of processes, connecting the Supply Chain ecosystem and a set of advanced technologies, it says.