Porsche has opened a new engine plant at its main site in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen where 400 workers produce around 200 V8s a day after a EUR80m spend.

V8s for all VW group brands will now be made in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen from this point forward.

The new engine plant is flexible and initial engines are for the Panamera . Innovations include user-programmable industrial transport vehicles powered by lithium-titanate batteries which navigate over a grid network of 16,000 magnets that are mounted in the floors of the two plant levels. Their flexibility makes it possible to readily adapt production processes to potential product changes and new methods later on.

The EC tools are also adaptable. Their presets for torque or speed, for instance, can be modified at any time via the electronic production network. This means that they are not limited to a specific place of use, but can essentially be used universally in assembly and only need to be mounted at the new work location and re-programmed for their new task.

Assembly of a new engine begins every 3.5 minutes. 95 workpiece carriers transport the engines along the U-shape line that is 432 metres long. In 110 work cycles, of which 71 are in the manufacturing areas, the V8 is produced in 6.2 hours.

Around 2,300 units of data can be retrieved for each engine after it has been finished and tested. Any fluctuations in quality are detected very early at their onset and are prevented from having an effect.

Construction of the the new engine plant started in early 2014 in the western expansion zone of the main production site. The building floor area comprises around 10,000 square metres. The factory is subdivided into two levels, with logistics on the ground floor and engine assembly on the upper floor.

The building was built in the northeastern zone of a 25,000 square metre land parcel that Porsche acquired as an expansion parcel.

Within the building there is space for the installation of another work level on the first upper level.

The next few years will see the construction of a new paint shop and a separate assembly plant. The engine plant will be expanded to produce electric drives, and the existing body manufacturing shop will be expanded.