Novares has become a member of industry association, France Hydrogène, as it ramps up its activities in the hydrogen-fuelled car market following production of lightweight fuel-cell stack components.

Novares’ powertrain and e-powertrain business, one of the company’s seven product lines, designed and produced the plastic fuel-cell stack, which has cut the weight of the component by 35% and cost by 25% compared with standard metal alternatives.

The company’s powertrain Skill Centres in Lens, France, Walworth, US, and Shanghai, are developing further products for all car engines, including electric, hybrid and fuel-cell systems to support the hydrogen-powered vehicle market in the main three automotive industry regions.

Reducing vehicle weight is key to cutting fuel use and emissions in vehicles and plastic components are inherently lighter, contributing to overall vehicle energy efficiency.

“Plastic is a key material in the ongoing evolution of car engines,” said Novares CEO, Pierre Boulet.

“As we move further towards electric and fuel-cell systems, the more we need to reduce the weight of engine components and plastic is the go-to alternative to metal.

“We are bringing practical solutions to the hydrogen car industry and we are in it for the long-term. Joining France Hydrogène is a sign of our commitment to this technology of the future.”