BMW’s Rolls-Royce claims its use of the latest sensor and Nanofleece filtration technology “has created the cleanest micro environment available in any car”.

Since 2015, all models have benefited from ‘state of the art’ air filtration equipment.

For the new Ghost, which launches in autumn 2020, this technology has been further developed to incorporate a full suite of hardware and software improvements, collectively known as the Micro Environment Purification System.

Highly sensitive impurity detection sensors have been introduced to detect ambient air quality, automatically switching fresh air intakes to recirculation mode if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are present.

Parent BMW was one of the first automakers to introduce such a feature in its top models two decades ago.

The latest Rolls-Royce system channels all cabin air through a Nanofleece filter which is said to be capable of removing nearly all ultra fine particles, viruses and bacteria from the cabin micro environment in less than two minutes.

Following the initial implementation of this technology, drivers in future will be able to remotely precondition the micro environment inside their car via the vehicle’s app.