New minivehicles introduced by the Nissan-Mitsubishi NMKV joint venture will be first in their kei-class segment to offer semi-autonomous driving technology, the automakers said on Thursday.

Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors will introduce four new minivehicles in Japan through their joint venture as they continue to expand their collaboration.
Production of the new Nissan Dayz, and Dayz Highway Star, Mitsubishi eK wagon and eK X began today at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima Plant in Kurashiki, Japan.

For the first time, the models will be offered with sem-iautonomous driving technology, designed for single-lane use on highways.
NMKV, a joint venture between the two companies, integrated Nissan’s advanced technologies and Mitsubishi’s extensive experience in minivehicle production into the light, tall wagon-type cars.

The companies launched the first generation models in 2013 and have increased their collaboration since becoming Alliance partners in 2016. Last month, the new Nissan Livina, which shares a platform with the Mitsubishi Xpander, went on sale in Indonesia.
The automakers claim the new models deliver a “markedly improved performance” with upgraded platforms, engines and transmissions. While the Nissan and Mitsubishi branded vehicles share key components, they retain separate brand features.
They go on sale later this month.
At a ceremony today at Mizushima, Mitsubishi Motors chairman and CEO Osamu Masuko, Nissan SVP Asako Hoshino,and NMKV President and CEO Junichi Endo pledged to keep working together.

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