Nissan has celebrated the production of its 200,000th vehicle at the A2 manufacturing complex in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Only 16 months after the start of operations, the plant delivered car number 200,000: a red Nissan Sentra SR with an Xtronic transmission and a 1.8 litre engine, to be shipped to Chicago, Illinois.

To achieve this figure in a record-setting time, a total of 239m auto parts, 80,000 tonnes of steel sheets and 1.2m litres of paint were used over 6.6m working hours.

Since the beginning, Nissan’s second Mexican plant – the automaker has operated in Mexico since 1966 has set new standards, being the first manufacturing complex built in an unprecedented 19 month period.

Every 55 seconds, a Sentra comes out of the production line at both plants in Aguascalientes.

From the Vehicle Distribution Centre next to Aguascalientes A2 plant, the 200,000 vehicles have been shipped to three main destinations: the US (181,600 units), Brazil (17,400 units) and Puerto Rico (1,000 units), with 98 different specifications and 13 colours.

Last month, Nissan Sentra sales in Canada and the US increased 16.4% and 24.4%, respectively. In Brazil, Sentra was the vehicle with the greatest growth in sales during 2014 with 111%.