Logistics UK is backing COVID-19 testing of freight drivers and other workers on arrival into Britain.

“It is vitally important to protect the UK and its highly interconnected supply chain from the threat of new COVID-19 variants and the nation as a whole,” said Logistics UK European Policy manager, Sarah Laouadi.

“Rapid testing of drivers on arrival in the UK will provide additional confidence businesses can be supplied safely. 

“However, it is worth remembering drivers are, by the nature of their jobs and thanks to contactless delivery procedures, a very low risk category; as has been borne out by the testing carried out on drivers since the start of the pandemic where only 0.1% of them have tested positive for COVID-19.  

“Any testing regime must be proportionate and not discriminate against those who are tasked with keeping British businesses and consumers stocked with the goods and services they need. We would urge the government to maintain a watching brief on the testing regime to ensure it remains appropriate and reacts to the situation on the ground.”

As well as logistics drivers, the testing will also include air crews and rail workers.

Logistics UK represents more than 7m people directly employed in the making, selling and moving of goods.