Catalytic converter supplier Johnson Matthey has won a new multi-million pound agreement to provide 400,000 fuel cell components to SFC Energy, a specialist in hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power products.

The deal starts in February 2021 and runs for over three years. 

Both companies signed a joint development agreement for more collaboration to combine their complementary technology expertise. This will standardise process and be more efficient while reducing resource consumption.

JM  has been working with SFC for almost 20 years on versatile fuel cell products. As societies move to reduce carbon emissions, fuel cells are playing an increasingly important part. They use clean or low carbon fuels, such as hydrogen and methanol, to generate power and produce few or no harmful emissions. Fuel cells are ideally suited for heavy duty, mobile, continuous, and high usage applications.

SFC customer equipment needs to operate reliably and quietly around the clock replacing conventional diesel generators. They are often used in more discreet applications such as cameras, measuring devices, sensors, data recording systems or remote control installations. SFC fuel cells provide virtually noiseless and emissions-free electricity for days on end without any intervention from the user.

Typical applications are either back-up or off-grid power sources which operate as hybrid systems in combination with batteries and solar. Applications  include on-board power supply for mobile homes and authority vehicles and smart traffic.