Toyota global production rose in January for the 27th straight month to 663,948 vehicles, up 5.2% from the same month last year.

Overseas production surged 7.3% to 333,847 units in the 61st month of increase, while output in Japan climbed 3.2% to 330,101 vehicles, the 17th straight month of gain, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Honda global production rose 11.9% to 316,334 vehicles in January, the 18th consecutive month of growth and a new record for the month, AP said.

Honda’s domestic production climbed 3.3% to 104,161 units for the 8th straight month of increase. Overseas output jumped 16.6% to 212,173 vehicles, the 18th straight month of on-year growth and a record for January, due mainly to increased production in North America and the rest of Asia.

According to the report, Nissan Motor reported a 6.9% rise in global production to 277,789 vehicles in January – the third straight monthly gain. Nissan overseas production rose 15.2% to 186,006 units, offsetting a 6.8% fall in domestic production at 91,783 vehicles. In the US, Nissan’s production fell 8.8% to 60,535 vehicles in January, with some models like the new Altima sedan rising but production in other models falling.

Mazda Motor global production rose 6.2% to 110,356 vehicles, the Associated Press said. Mazda produced 76,453 units in Japan, up 6.6%, while overseas production totaled 33,903 units in January, up 5.3%.

AP noted that Mazda has changed the way it records overseas production figures – Mazda brand vehicles produced with 100% locally procured parts, which previously could not be counted, will also be included in the overseas production total.

The report said production at Mitsubishi Motors  inched up 1.0% to 107,772 vehicles, with a 14.1% growth in domestic production offsetting a 13.3% decline in overseas output.