Toyota made four of the 10 top-selling cars in Japan in March, according to figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Jada) cited by AFx.

The Toyota Corolla kept the top spot for the second straight month, after dropping to second in December and January, with sales of 26,133 vehicles in March, the JADA figures showed.

Toyota also made the third best-selling model, the Wish minivan, with sales of 20,795. It also made the sixth and eight best sellers.

Nissan Motor and Honda, Japan’s second- and third-largest carmakers respectively, each made two of the 10 top-selling models.

Nissan’s Cube was ranked second for the third straight month, with sales of 26,027 units last month. Its March (Micra) subcompact ranked fifth with sales of 19,923.

Honda’s Fit (Jazz) subcompact ranked fourth, with sales of 20,075 vehicles last month. Its Odyssey minivan was placed seventh last month, after being top-ranked in January and securing third place in February, the AFX report said.