AZ-Offroad is re-badged Suzuki Jimny

Suggestions that Suzuki’s new minicar deal with Nissan would end a long-standing
arrangement with Mazda have been scotched. According to reports from Japan,
Suzuki will continue OEM vehicle supply to Mazda.

And it’s not just minicars. Suzuki makes six Mazda models including mini-SUVs
based on its Jimny and Vitara and a mini-minivan based on the Wagon R.

Some 40,000 units with Mazda badges were shipped from Japanese Suzuki factories
last year.

Suzuki has reportedly begun development of its next Mazda OEM model. The arrangement
dates back to 1989 when the first complete vehicles were supplied and engine
and parts supply for for the Mazda-built Carol minicar began later.

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