Diesel is to reduce the number of truck engines it makes from seven to two by
2005, due to emission compliance difficulties, according to AutoAsia Online.



The website says that Nissan Diesel’s current V8 diesel engine peaked at a
monthly volume of 1,200 units, but is now proving difficult to re-engineer to
comply with stricter emissions regulations.

That, AutoAsia Online said, has prompted the troubled truck maker to reduce
output and consider axing the V8 engine in 2005.

Nissan Diesel currently produces the V8, four- and six-cylinder inline engines
plus two new six-cylinder inline units, the website said.

The company would also stop making diesel engines for its midsize trucks and
instead buy them in from rival Toyota group company Hino Motors from 2004.

That will leave Nissan Diesel producing in-house only the two new six-cylinder
inline motors which comply with new emission standards due to their high-pressure
fuel-injection systems, AutoAsia Online said.

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