has announced that it will set up a new company to sell collapsible bikes in Japan
from July, AutoAsia Online reported, adding that the venture may extend its operaions
to developing Asian markets in future.

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AutoAsia Online said that the new bicycle company, due to be established on
June 15, will handle development and sales while a leading bicycle maker in
central Japan will produce the two-wheelers.

Designed to fold up for storage in the boot of a car, the bicycles will be
sold in bike shops throughout Japan and also via Toyota’s e-commerce site,
They will cost between 39,800 and 59,800 yen ($US326 to $US490), the website

AutoAsia Online added that Honda, with its years of experience of building
motorcycles and scooters, already builds and sells bicycles and offers a top-line
model with a small electric motor to help riders climb hills.

France’s Peugeot also sells bicycles, including versions with a tiny petrol
‘assist’ engine that drives the front wheel.

While Toyota is best known for its cars outside Japan, the company actually
began as a manufacturer of sewing machines (as did Germany’s Opel), only branching
out into cars later. Another Toyota group company is today one of Japan’s largest
makers of pre-fabricated houses.

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