Mazda Motor said on Friday it would slow the rate of production cuts in Japan next month, after making good progress reducing inventory, though sales remained stagnant.

Production at the plant in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, would resume on Fridays while work would restart on two Fridays a month at the Ujina plant in Hiroshima Prefecture, the carmaker told Kyodo News . In February, all Mazda domestic plants did not operate on Fridays and that remains the situation in March.

Friday work would resume at Hofu plant partly because the company’s redesigned Axela mainstay model (known as the Mazda 3 elsewhere) is selling well, company officials said.

At Ujina plant, work would remain suspended on two of the four Fridays in April.

Mazda’s built 31,130 vehicles in January and about 40,000 in February as the company reduced the scope of its production cut.