Japan K.K. has announced that it officially has been established as the Japanese
subsidiary of Covisint, L.L.C. Headquarters offices of the company will be located
in Tokyo.

"This is a significant step forward for our Asia/Pacific operations,” said
Luc Hovan, managing director, Covisint Japan. "We now will have the ability
to conduct business in the region, bringing the Covisint solutions to the automotive
industry customers from Japan to Australia and from South Korea to China."

Covisint Japan’s offices will be located in Tokyo. The company’s small current
staff will be expanded to support its growing customer base of Japanese automakers
and suppliers. "The location offers easy accessibility to a number of our key
customers, and serves as an appropriate venue from which to manage the region’s
business requirements,” said Hovan.

"Formally establishing our Japanese operations in Tokyo signifies the importance
the Japanese market holds for our company, and the respect we have for the leading
automotive manufacturers and suppliers that are headquartered here,” said Kevin
W. English, chairman, president and CEO, Covisint, L.L.C. "It also reinforces
our stated mission to connect the global automotive industry.”

Covisint reported that through the end of June, 2001, more than 1,000 companies
have registered on the exchange. It says that its customer procurement activity
included more than 420 online bidding events with more than $33 billion in transactions,
and more than 20,000 transactions from 200-plus catalogues featuring 2.5 million
individual items.

Critics say that Covisint is still under-performing and needs to do more to
refine its products to get higher take-up.

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