Better place has unveiled its first charging stations in Israel.

The company is testing charge spots in Israel with plans to follow in Denmark, and is working with Renault and Nissan to develop electric car infrastructure, according to Reuters.

It recently announced partnerships in Australia, California and Hawaii to expand its network in coming years.

“This is a proof of concept,” Moshe Kaplinsky, chief executive of Better Place Israel, told the news agency of the 17 charge spots unveiled in the parking area of a Tel Aviv suburb.

The metre-high posts, each able to charge two cars, mark the half-way point of a six-month pilot project that will total about 400 stations throughout greater Tel Aviv, the report said.

About 10,000 charge spots will be installed next year across Israel, and that will increase to 100,000 by 2010. Electric cars will not be sold en masse in Israel until 2011, Kaplinsky said.

The company’s concept combines electric car charge spots at designated parking lots in residential areas and workplaces with battery swap stations to allow longer drives, Reuters added.