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AFX reports that a prominent deputy in Iran’s hardline-controlled parliament has found ‘faults’ in the Logan deal with French carmaker Renault amid increased scrutiny by hardliners of contracts with foreign firms. The report cited state news agency IRNA as source.

‘The contract is not free of faults or ambiguities,’ said Ahmad Tavakoli, who heads the conservative parliamentary research centre.

‘If they are not corrected, parliament will use its authority to protect the nation’s interests and workforce.’

The parliament, or Majlis, already gave itself last month the right to veto an airport operating contract signed with a Turkish-led consortium and a deal with Turkcell, Turkey’s biggest mobile phone operator, to set up the first Iranian private mobile phone network.

AFX said the Renault move was an embarrassing blow to President Mohammad Khatami, whose government signed the deals, and reformists in the government have accused hardline deputies of simply being against foreign investment.

AFX added that since throwing into doubt the Turkish deals, hardliners have set their eyes on the Renault deal.