Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) has selected Iberdrola to supply hydrogen from renewable sources to power its fleet of city buses from 2021.

The company will build and operate a hydrogen plant on a 5,000-square-metre plot on the Zona Franca industrial area, leased from the Consorcio de la Zona Franca, which the TMB buses equipped with this technology will use.

There is also potential to introduce the same technology into any other vehicle fleets and industries on the industrial estate, which opt for green hydrogen to meet their energy needs. The service contract has a duration of ten years.

The hydrogen plant in the Zona Franca will be the first public facility of its type in Spain and will distribute renewable hydrogen produced by electrolysis.

TMB has also purchased eight buses with hydrogen technology, which will be delivered to Barcelona in November, 2021, with the intention of putting them into service in early 2022. The vehicles will be assigned to the company’s Operations Centre in the Zona Franca and will be supplied with vehicular hydrogen from the charging plant on the industrial estate, with an estimated consumption of 160kg per day. This figure will increase from year to year as more buses with this technology join the fleet, until a total of 60 is reached.

The adoption of hydrogen by TMB is supported by the European JIVE 2 programme to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that produce zero emissions, which is jointly funded by the European Union. The project is being managed in collaboration with Barcelona’s Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM).

The choice of hydrogen reflects TMB’s investment in green energies. In February, it ordered 23 articulated electric vehicles with batteries suitable for rapid charging in the street, making progress in its work to convert lines H16, H12 and V15 into zero emissions routes.