Hyundai has introduced its new PHEV version of Sonata sedan that is to be marketed shortly in Korea and North America.

The company boasts about a class-leading range of 43km in pure electric mode for its first ever PHEV, which is a boon from the 9.8kWh lithium polymer battery system, five times in size of the Sonata hybrid battery.

According to Hyundai the battery system is chargeable through an external electric power source deploying either a Level-One 120V power outlet in less than nine hours or a Level-Two 240V charging station in under three hours.

Electric power is supplied by a 50kW electric motor, mounted within the six-speed automatic transmission, while the IC power comes from the Hyundai’s 2-liter Nu four-cylinder GDI engine, which yields 154ps and 190Nm of torque.