Hella has developed an electrically driven vacuum pump for vehicle brake systems that it says “promises impressive performance, durability, power efficiency and packaging”.

High-efficiency gasoline engines, diesels and turbo- and super-charged engines, as well as hybrid or full electric powertrains, are examples where Hella says its new electric vacuum pump is designed to provide on-demand brake-system vacuum.

The company also says new fuel-saving approaches often have a direct impact on other engine functions that, for example, provide vacuum to support brake-booster systems. Hella’s new UP5.0 Electric Vacuum Pump solves this problem by meeting vacuum requirements for brake boosters under the most demanding applications, it says.

As an added bonus, the new electric vacuum pump will increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, resulting in CO2 savings of up to 2g CO2/km compared to mechanical pumps, Hella says. This equates to fuel savings of 0.2 to 0.4 miles per gallon.

It also says the new pump delivers cost savings of about 20 percent compared to the company’s previous generation of stand-alone vacuum pumps.

Hella currently supplies electric vacuum pumps to more than 40 international OEMs. HELLA’s fuel-pump production capacity currently totals more than six million units per year, and the company has increased capacity in the mid-term. Hella manufactures fuel pumps in Germany, Romania, the U.S., Mexico and China.