Great Wall Motors is claiming a world first for its transverse, nine speed, wet type dual clutch transmission, part of a new generation of powertrain, engine, transmission and relevant control software all independently developed by the Chinese automaker.

At full design capacity, the annual output of the HYCET Yangzhong Industrial Park where the powertrain is made will be up to 2.5m.

The new generation powertrain includes the GW4N20 engine, the 9DCT and a three in one electric drive assembly.

Due to core technology such as Miller cycle, the GW4N20 engine can reach heat efficiency up to 38.3%, maximum power of 180kW and maximum torque of 385Nm.

The 9DCT transmission has an integral TCU. Compared to GWM's 7DCT, overall efficiency is increased by 3.5%, load torque by 54%, weight is reduced by approximately 10%, and load length is about 10% shorter.

According to Chinese national standard data, fuel consumption per 100km is 7% less for the 9DCT.

The GW4N20 engine and 9HDCT transmission form a new generation hybrid powertrain.

Three in one combines motor, controller and reducer.

Electric motor power ranges from 35kW to 200kW.

HYCET Yangzhong Industrial Park's transmission assembly has 10 (ABB/FANUC) robots to further improve assembly efficiency and quality.

The armature production line for the electric drive system is the first full automatic production line in China.