Ford has confirmed the redesigned Galaxy sold primarily in Europe will be available with all wheel drive (AWD).

Intelligent all wheel drive system delivers enhanced traction and road-holding with a seamless transition between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The system can send up to 100% of engine torque to the front or rear wheels and make required adjustments in just 100 milliseconds.

By only delivering torque where and when needed, the AWD has claimed minimal impact on fuel economy and CO2 emissions compared with permanent 4WD.

The primary goal of AWD at low speeds is to improve traction. At speeds above 18mph it is tuned to improve driving feel, handling and responses using information from body control, braking, gearbox and the electronic power steering. By sending torque to the rear wheels when cornering at speed, the system can help reduce understeer.

Ford is expanding the number of vehicles available with AWD. First available on Kuga, it is also available on the redesigned Mondeo (European Fusion) and S-Max and will be offered on the Edge SUV later in 2015.