set out an optimistic assessment of short-term prospects for the company at its
annual BMW Group Accounts Press Conference in Munich on Tuesday. Sales, revenues
and profits are all expected to grow in 2001.

BMW Group increased its sales volume in the first quarter by more than 8 per
cent and is confident about prospects for 2001.

Joachim Milberg, Chairman of the Board of BMW AG, said: "I am confident
that the BMW Group will continue to increase deliveries, sales and profits over
2001 as a whole."

He also laid out BMW’s ‘reorientation’ following the break with Rover and an
‘uncompromising premium brand strategy’.

said: "Last year we consistently initiated the reorientation of the BMW
Group. The core factor in this process is of course our uncompromising premium
brand strategy. And it is on this foundation that the BMW Group is taking the
offensive with a whole range of new products and all-new model series. This
reorientation is the clear consequence drawn by the BMW Group following its
involvement in Rover. And it makes us the only multi-brand car manufacturer
in the world not operating in the mass market."

In terms of new model action ahead he added: "As a part of the premium
brand strategy, the product range within the BMW brand is being actively expanded
by the addition of three new model ranges: the 1 and 6 series and the X family.
The two additional, completely independent brands – MINI and from 2003 Rolls-Royce
– will, in addition, round off the brand portfolio both in the small car segment
and at the very top end of the market."

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