French automotive supplier, Valeo, says it is concentrating on the two key areas of CO2 reduction and driver assistance.

Making the comments at last week’s Paris motor show, Valeo CEO, Jacques Aschenbruich, said both activities remained high on its list of priorities.

“The reduction of CO2 emissions is something we decided at Valeo to concentrate on,” he said. “Our customers and their customer and buyers…in all countries of the world are extremely concerned about reducing CO2.

“We spend a lot of money on it – we have lots of ideas [and] lots of products we present to customers. [But we also] work on ways to improve comfort as well as reducing CO2. Driver assistance is an environment where the driver with his car [is] what we call the interface [with] the machine – these are key products for us.”

Valeo senior vice president research and development and product, Guillaume Devauchelle, reiterated the CEO’s comments at Paris, noting the driver “must be informed and connected” citing automatic parking as an example.

“It is important to automate certain functions such as parking,” he said. “We will use smartphones [for example] – it is only a small step from there to automatic vehicles.

“We are looking to add value – innovations are happening more and more quickly. It is a real chance for Valeo to be with these changes that are accelerating.”

Vaelo presented six of its major technologies at last week’s Paris motor show including: Hybrid4All; BiLED projector; AquaBlade; a new multifunction control panel; an electric supercharger and air intake module.