vehicle makers produced 616,030 vehicles in the four first months of 2001, an
increase of 22.7 percent on the 501,833 units made during the same period in 2000,
according to Anfavea (the Brazilian National Automaker’s Association).

Vehicle sales also grew, writes Rogério Louro Alves in his analysis
of the official figures.

Sales of locally manufactured vehicles rose 28.4 percent to 499,332 vehicles
between January and April, compared with 388,769 a year ago.

Total sales of Brazilian-made and imported cars reached 561,273 units compared
with the 427,966 units sold in the four first months of 2000, an increase of
31.1 percent.

Brazilian vehicle exports also grew in the period under review. Local makers
sent 112,620 vehicles to foreign markets, a growth of 7.1 percent over the 105,103
units exported a year before. The 2001 exports were worth $US1.3 billion compared
with $US1.07 billion in 2000.

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