Even though the economy and consumer confidence are still growing, car sales in Colombia fell again for the third month in a row. This market behaviour could be explained by the model year change but also mirrors what is happening in the world economy.

Colombian minister of economy Juan Carlos Echeverry said last week that “the domestic economy couldn’t be indifferent to the international crisis and consequences will be seen”.

Consumers are holding on to their money to see what will happen in the near future and this could also explain why the premium segment is growing at half the rate of the total market.

In July 26,799 vehicles were sold, 0.9% less than June but 27% more than the same month of 2010. YTD market growth was 44% at 185,016 units with over 300,000 still forecast.

Analysing the market by segments, Econometria said vans were the best performing vehicle type with YTD growth of 75%; next are trucks (72%), passenger cars (54%), pickup trucks (48%), SUV (30%), taxis (-2%) and buses (-27%).

The YTD top ten sellers didn’t change much but Mazda passed Nissan and Toyota by outselling their pickup trucks: Chevrolet, 33.2%; Renault, 15.2%; Hyundai, 9.0%; Kia, 8.5%; Mazda, 4.2%; Nissan, 7.3%; Toyota, 4.3%; Volkswagen, 2.6%; Ford, 3.2%; and Ssangyong, 0.7%.

The best YTD performers were: Land Rover, 444%; Alfa Romeo, 157%; Citroen, 128%; Ford, 115%; Nissan, 102%; Volvo, 93%; Peugeot, 89%; Porsche, 87%; Seat, 80; and Fiat, 70%.

Last month Audi launched the updated A6; BMW, the 6 Series cabrio; Fiat, the Strada mini pickup range; and Peugeot, the 107 city car.