Volvo and Geely will share a new modular platform, known as CMA, to develop a new hatchback and a new SUV amongst other cars.

The platform, developed by Volvo, will be used to produce the new XC40 SUV and a new Geely SUV coded NL-4. The platform also underpins a new Geely Cross hatchback that will be launched at the end of this year in China. The SUVs will be produced at the Zhangjiakou facility in Hebei Province.

The Geely Cross and the SUVs will have a new [I3] 1.5-litre, turbocharged engine also developed by Volvo. Depending on specification, the engine will produce between 150hp and 180hp. It will also be manufactured at the Zhangjiakou plant, reported.

The plant will also manufacture other Volvo engines including the 2.5-litre I5 and a two-litre turbo. 

Geely will also develop a compact crossover SUV and a new sedan coded as CS11 on the CMA platform.

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