Veoneer said it had commenced production of its fourth generation thermal sensing system, called Night Vision which makes its debut on the 2021 Cadillac Escalade to enhance forward visibility by using a wider field of view thermal camera with four times greater resolution compared to the previous generation, to extend road coverage, improve detection capability, and display a sharper image to the driver.

The thermal camera is integrated into the front grille and the thermal image is displayed in front of the driver on a new 38 inch curved OLED screen.

The system senses very small temperature variances to differentiate objects from their surroundings at extended ranges. It uses enhanced analytics to help drivers see beyond their headlamps and detect pedestrians, vulnerable road users, and animals up to 200 metres in good weather. The system alerts drivers of potential dangers in total darkness and other low visibility conditions including fog, smoke, and blinding oncoming headlights.

Veoneer claims market leadership for automotive thermal sensing systems, delivering to 11 customers for 35 vehicle models.

Veoneer also contributes to the Cadillac Super Cruise optionwith a high definition map and localisation module. This technology platform provides stored data from sensors across the vehicle including cameras, GPS, and HD Maps in order to position the vehicle in the lane and safely perform manoeuvres  including lane change on demand functionality.