Toyota sold a record 715,438 vehicles in Europe in the period from January to September 2004, an increase of 11% over the first nine months of 2003.

Toyota also achieved record sales for the month of September, with 86,774 vehicles sold – an increase of 4% over the same month last year. September sales gave the car maker a 5.2% market share in Europe, up from 5.1% in September 2003. Market share for the first nine months reached 5.1%, up from 4.8 % last year.
On the manufacturing side, in the first nine months, the firm produced 426,327 cars (+30%), 366,912 engines (+18%) and 142,294 transmissions (+65%) at its plants in the UK, France, Turkey and Poland.

Sales of the France-built Yaris rose 7% to 180,088 units in the January-September period, compared to 2003. UK and Turkey-built Corolla sales rose 3% to 143,125 units, while UK-made Avensis sales rose 39% 116,815 units, boosted by the redesigned model. Nine-month sales of the Turkish-made Corolla Verso climbed 24% to 44,744 units, while RAV4 and Land Cruiser sales rose 7% to 86,982 units and 31,461 units respectively.

Sales of the Prius hybrid climbed 1,236% to 5,838 units. Lexus sales for the first nine-months increased 19% to 19,634 units.

For the first nine months, the UK was Toyota’s largest market in Europe, with 114,352 units sold (+6%), followed by Italy (100,185 units; +1%), Germany (92,668 units; +15%) and France (59,831 units; +11%). Toyota sales in Spain, the fifth biggest market for the brand in Europe, grew 32% to 42,097 units. Meanwhile, Russia enjoyed the strongest growth (+91%), with 31,761 vehicles sold.