Volkswagen has outlined its vision of three cylinder vehicles, among other innovations, at the 36th International Vienna Motor Symposium, where Friedrich Eichler, Head of Powertrain Development for the Volkswagen brand, also presented the new 6.0 W12 TSI.

The new EU6 TDI engine family for light-duty vehicles was presented by Jörn Kahrstedt, Head of Diesel Engine Development for the Volkswagen brand.

In his concluding presentation, Volkswagen head of powertrain development, Heinz-Jakob Neusser noted the industry had changed more rapidly and more extensively in the last few years than in the preceding decades.

However, environmentally friendly mobility remains the key topic for the automotive industry. “Climate protection is an integral part of our responsibility towards people and society,” said Neusser.

“Moreover, customers demand models with reduced consumption and lower emissions and politics also makes high demands on the automotive industry.

“The optimisation of the internal combustion engine is still an important field of innovation. High-efficiency TDI and TSI/TFSI engines – ideally in combination with DSG – will remain indispensable for the foreseeable future.

“The reduction of CO2emissions from internal combustion engines is pure high-tech nowadays. Examples of this are our high rpm diesel as well as the high-performance three-cylinder TSI engine.”