Aptiv has announced a new Level 1-3 capable ADAS platform.

Aptiv has developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for 20 years, from launching the industry’s claimed first radar-based adaptive cruise control system in 1999 to its autonomous driving joint venture, Motional, which will be among the first to put fully driverless vehicles on public roads.

Its first generation automated driving satellite compute platform integrates its satellite architecture and active safety software, perception systems and compute and is being used by multiple OEMs for 10m vehicles over the next few years.

The new ADAS platform will enable new levels of safety, comfort and convenience, the supplier claimed. Purpose-built for scalability, it cost effectively spans all vehicle segments by managing the software complexity and supporting features that range from entry-level safety compliance to advanced highway pilot and parking assist. The platform can incorporate future technology and features, including those developed in collaboration with Motional, providing further scalability to higher levels of automation.

“Our next-gen ADAS solution cost-effectively delivers safety features over the lifetime of the vehicle that exceed consumer expectations on a platform upon which OEMs can continue to innovate,” said Kevin Clark, CEO and president. “Our unique position as the only provider of both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle makes Aptiv the partner of choice for developing software-defined safety solutions.”

As part of Smart Vehicle Architecture, the platform is fully compatible with emerging zone control architectures, enabling new business models for OEMs through the creation of new features and services that can be updated over-the-air (OTA).

The platform also applies an Industry 5.0 approach to safety, ensuring driver and the vehicle work together. Using up-integrated driver-state and interior sensing – augmented by scalable software – the platform verifies if the driver’s eyes are on the road and recognises and responds to body positioning, gestures and eye movement to provide a higher level of safety.

The platform includes:

  • Proven Software Stack: Uses differentiated and modularised software at every level of the stack on an open, centralised compute platform that allows for the creation of new features and services
  • Next-Generation Sensor Suite:  The next-gen platform uses the industry’s claimed class best interior and exterior sensing capabilities including radars, vision, and LiDAR. Among these sensors is Aptiv’s sixth-generation corner/side radars and forward-facing radars, as well as the supplier’s first 4D imaging radar, which provides twice the detection range versus existing product. The Interior Sensing Platform includes radars, ultrasonic sensing, and cabin cameras, enabling OEMs to develop brand building user experience
  • Advanced Sensor Fusion:  Supporting the most advanced features requires a comprehensive and reliable environmental model. The platform’s differentiation comes from advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to fuse 360-degree sensor inputs, providing a detailed rendering of the environment around the vehicle
  • Development Tool Chain:  Gives OEMs the flexibility to drive further innovation to accelerate the development of safe, green and connected features consumers want with the proven automotive-grade systems they can trust