The manufacturing industry will be heavily disrupted by the metaverse in under a decade and will be able to work at a higher efficiency by using emerging technologies.

Emma Taylor, thematic analyst at GlobalData, made these predictions in a new podcast on where the manufacturing industry will be by 2030.

“Manufacturing companies are well-positioned to enter into the metaverse, Taylor said.

Vehicle manufacturers have already begun using the technology to help with their day-to-day operations. Bentley and BMW have reportedly been using NVIDIA’s Omniverse to create a digital twin of their manufacturing facilities.

“BMW claims this initiative has reduced production planning time substantially,” Taylor noted.

A key technology in the metaverse is augmented reality. Taylor says that defence contractors like Lockheed Martin are investing heavily into this technology to help improve efficiency and accuracy in production.

As well as this, Microsoft and Boeing are reportedly working together in the metaverse to design aircraft in order to help prevent manufacturing issues and improve engineering.

Taylor adds: “While large enterprises legitimise the metaverse, developing use cases will allow more small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the theme by 2030.”

Why does the manufacturing industry care about the metaverse?

According to research firm GlobalData, the metaverse will be a $600-plus billion opportunity by 2030. Making it hard for any industry to ignore.

“Manufacturing enterprises will realise a range of benefits from the metaverse,” Taylor said, “including remote collaboration for workplace training, 3D visualisation of factory floors for operational efficiency, and also marketing opportunities.”

It is noted, however, that many of these cases are still just prototypes as of now.

Taylor adds: “The maturity of the metaverse and its use cases will disrupt the manufacturing sector by 2030, with companies like retail, automotive, and beverages being some of the first to experience it.”

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