How do you avoid a traffic jam in the air? While this seems like a ridiculous question, it’s one of the main problems urban air vehicle developers have to solve. That’s because while having a traffic jam on the road can be unbearable, it’s harmless, but a traffic jam in the air can be fatal.

For urban air taxis to become a reality, they must turn their new flashy and near-fictional idea into something tangible and executable. This will involve working with governments to establish clear and reliable operating standards. If done properly, it will make convincing the public to adopt the new transportation mode easier.

In this episode, the first part of two, Ed Bernardon interviews Jon Rimanelli, founder and CEO of Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), a company developing an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to transform mobility between cities, suburbs, and airports. He will share with us how urban air vehicles will work and the capabilities of the Sigma 6 aircraft.