Concept: American API security provider Salt Security has developed an API threat protection solution that detects vulnerabilities related to APIs and provides prioritized insights to eliminate risk. The solution prevents advanced API attacks by harnessing AI to automatically and continuously identify the threats.

Nature of Disruption: APIs dictate the interactions between software programs, dictating the interactions between software programs by defining the types of calls or requests that can be made, how they are made, the data formats that should be used and the conventions to follow. Salt Security’s platform defends from these attacks with a technological combination of AI & ML. It scrutinizes a copy form the traffic from web, SaaS, mobile, microservice and IoT app APIs and leverages this process to acquire a comprehension of each API and create a touchstone of normal behaviour. From these touchstones, Salt Security identifies the inconsistencies which can be indicators of an attack during exploration, obliterating the need of signatures and configurations. Salt Security uses many of behavioural features to detect anomalies. Its ML models are coached to find when an attacker is probing an API, for example, as this diverges from usual usage. They analyse the “full communication” considering factors like how an API reacts to harmful calls. And they correspond attacker activity, enabling the solution to link probing attempts commenced over time to a single attacker, even if the culprit tries to masquerade their identity by rotating devices, API tokens, IP addresses and more. Confirmed anomalies simultaneously alarms security teams with a timeline of perpetrator’s activity.

Outlook: With API becoming a fundamental unit of software, Salt Security empowers organizations to find APIs, prevent real-time attacks and ease remediation, allowing customers to operate and innovate in a progressive digital world. Salt Security has announced accumulation of $30 million in series B funding led by Sequoia Capital, along with Tenaya Capital, S Capital VC and Y-Combinator. The latest funding is adjacent to the $20 million raise in Series A funding secures Salt Security as the API security market leader. The startup is doing brisk business with Gett, City National Bank, TripActions and Armis and boasts and increase of 200% in customer base.

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