ZF has presented its new middleware ahead of CES 2021.

The open software platform is a ‘mediator’ between a vehicle computer’s operating system and its software applications.

Key functions of the middleware are the abstraction of computing hardware from software applications and the communication between these applications.

“The new ZF middleware underpins ZF’s claim to be one of the world’s leading system suppliers for the software-defined car of the future”, said ZF SVP Research & Development, Innovation & Technology, Dirk Walliser.

“Our customers benefit from accelerated development processes and significantly reduced complexity when integrating hardware and software. Throughout the vehicle’s lifetime, functions can be updated or additionally offered on-demand.”

As a software platform, the ZF middleware will be available in series vehicles from 2024.

Its development is closely connected to the development of application software for mobility domains such as automated driving, integrated safety, vehicle motion control and electric mobility.

ZF has prepared for the new challenges in software, functions and smart systems and is pursuing development processes by establishing a Global Software Centre at the turn of the year, which will be headed by Nico Hartmann, VP, Software Solutions & Global Software Centre.

“Our Global Software Centre will be responsible for developing software systems for future architectures on a group-wide level and making them available to the entire company”, added Walliser.

This will allow ZF to coordinate and standardise new trends, technologies, methods, procedures, tools and functions in order to make the resulting software available to all ZF divisions on a common development platform.