ZF is expanding its footprint in Poland by building a new plant in Czestochowa to manufacture cameras for driver assist systems.

The new plant employing more than 300 people will be operational by the end of next year and will support all active and passive safety product lines including camera generations for active safety and occupant safety electronics such as airbag control units.

ZF recently expanded its electronics engineering group with the opening of a new technical centre in Lodz, Poland, housing 200 engineers and technicians. The centre will have both offices and electronics labs in addition to the existing electronics engineering plant in Czestochowa, which was established more than a decade ago and has around 350 employees.

“The new engineering centre and manufacturing facility will represent state-of-the-art in safety electronics production and engineering and supports our growth in the advanced safety and automated driving fields,” said ZF acting EVP of operations for the Active and Passive Safety Division Global Electronics product line, Christophe Marnat.

“It builds on our established seat belt and airbag operations and the electronics technical centres in Czestochowa and further establishes our manufacturing and engineering footprint to satisfy our global customers.”

ZF employs a total of 8,000 workers in Poland and, of those, around 6,300 work in production and administration in the existing Czestochowa facilities.

The location is also responsible for the production of airbag modules and seatbelts.