ZF has acquired a 60% of automated transport systems company, 2getthere, located in Utrecht, Netherlands, with offices in San Francisco, Dubai and Singapore.

Applications range from driverless electric transport systems at airports, business and theme parks to dedicated urban transport infrastructures.

“2getthere has more than three decades of experience in the market for autonomous passenger transport vehicles as well as engineering and software competences,” said ZF chairman, Wolf-Henning Scheider.

“This acquisition supports our strategy to become a leading autonomous transportation systems supplier in the booming new mobility market.”

The majority stake in 2getthere complements ZF’s existing investments and co-operations, such as the e.GO Moove, a joint venture with e.GO Mobile, which targets the production of the e.GO Mover autonomous minibus, as well as Transdev, a leading operator and global provider of integrated mobility solutions.

The 2getthere company was founded in 1984 and since then has accumulated more than 100m kilometres of autonomous mileage with driverless passenger and cargo transport systems in several major cities worldwide, including Rotterdam, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, as well as numerous ports and airports.

2getthere’ s driverless systems, in revenue service at business park Rivium (Capelle aan den IJssel) and Masdar City (Abu Dhabi) have transported more than 14m people, fully electric. ZF maintains reliability of the systems installed by 2getthere, including vehicle controls and software architecture, exceeds 99.7%.

“The market for driverless electric transport systems is developing dynamically,” said 2getthere CEO, Carel van Helsdingen. “We want to continue to lead the market and the involvement of ZF is helping us to realise our growth plans, accelerate our technology roadmap and provide the required security for new and existing customers.”

“The technological cooperation with ZF will support 2getthere’s work for the delivery of mixed traffic applications like Rivium and Brussels Airport.”

In the future, ZF and 2getthere will work together to develop technologies for autonomous transport systems.

“We have developed into a complete systems supplier for automated functions and we are therefore in a position to support 2getthere,” added Scheider.

“We can deliver electric drivelines, solutions for sensor technology, high performance computing, and actuators for all levels of automated applications. ZF will also benefit from the vast field experience of the Dutch company and its extensive engineering and software competences when it comes to configuring and implementing complete autonomous transport systems.

“2getthere’s engineering and software development teams in Utrecht are expected to grow significantly over the next years, approximately doubling the current 60 employees.”