Yes-Energy Service Company, an electric vehicle (EV) charging service provider owned by Taiwan’s [Nissan importer and assembler] Yulon Motor Company, said it would install an additional 700 charging piles in the country this year to meet growing demand.

This latest expansion would bring its total network of charging piles to 3,000 which it installs mainly in public car parks including shopping malls. The company also operates 24 charging stations in and around Taipei.

Yes-Energy serves major car brands and distributes chargers produced by South Korea’s Daeyoung Chaevi Company, which it also installs in private buildings.

The company said domestic EV reached 6,997 units last year and were expected to exceed 10,000 in 2022.

The government last week said it would subsidise 49% of the cost of installing charging piles in local communities with a cap of between TWD100,000 and TWD200,000 (US$3,356-US$6,712) depending on the population size.

Taipei city government also offers a subsidy of up 50% of the cost of building low carbon emissions infrastructure.