XPeng, the Chinese smart electric vehicle maker, has released a major over-the-air (OTA) upgrade for P7 sedan owners in China.

The automaker describes this as the "most comprehensive OTA upgrade in the company's six-year history, with the largest number of new and optimized functions".

This upgrade will deliver a new version of the operating system, Xmart OS 2.5.0, to the P7 customers.

Version 2.5.0 will bring over 40 new functions and 200+ optimised features covering multiple modules, including autonomous driving assistance, full-scenario voice assistance, smart audio and music cockpit, in-car app ecosystem, and personalised settings.

Since the P7's launch in April 2020, 31 new functions have been added through five major OTA upgrades so far.

The Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) public beta version is one of the main new functions in this OTA upgrade. The NGP, which requires XPILOT 3.0 – the automaker's autonomous driving assistance system – will be supported by the P7 Premium and Wing versions.

NGP conducts automatic navigation assisted driving based on the navigation route set by the driver which is available on Chinese highways covered by high-precision maps. Key functions of NGP include:


  • Lane changing and overtaking
  • Optimisation of lane choices
  • Speed limit adjustment
  • Highway ramp entering and exiting
  • Switching of highways
  • Collision avoidance while changing lanes
  • Identification and avoidance of obstacles such as construction sites, traffic cones, trucks and stationary vehicles

There is also a night driving overtaking warning.

Upon update, the P7 will, Xpeng claims, become the "first mass-produced vehicle with the Surrounding Reality (SR) display for navigation assisted autonomous driving".

When the NGP is in use, the central control panel will show a 360-degree surround view with simulated rendering of the surroundings, speed limit warnings, safety warnings, and dynamic traffic status updates. This feature will provide drivers with real-time vehicle and vicinity information to enhance safety awareness.   

Amap's third-generation navigation system gives the P7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) visual technology and high-precision maps to provide highly accurate lane-level navigation, delivering co-guidance for both vehicle and driver.

The OTA upgrade will also launch a series of active safety driving assist features in the XPILOT system, including:

  • FCW (Forward Collision Warning)
  • RCW (Rear Collision Warning)
  • LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
  • DOW (Door Opening Collision Warning)
  • RCTA (Rear Lateral Vehicle Warning)
  • AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking)
  • TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition)

This OTA upgrade will further enhance XPeng's claimed industry-leading automatic parking features. Compared with the previous version, the automatic parking success rate will be increased by 26%, and parking completion accuracy rate will be increased by 7%. The side-front parking space recognition rate will reach 88%. Mobile parking assistance will be added to the P7 Premium, Smart and the Wing versions.

Xmart OS 2.5.0 will further optimise full-scenario voice assistance by shortening response time by 20%. The voice assistant will support three new areas: energy centre, Bluetooth phone and camera functions.

The P7's music application interface will receive a major overhaul with optimised layout, better search function, lyrics display, music popularity ranking, and other functions to deliver a comprehensive audio ecosystem.