Wrightbus has launched its zero-emission double deck vehicle, debuting a new hydrogen fuel cell driveline, which will also become available for single-deck power as it readies production next year.

The new technology from the Northern Ireland company provides a zero-emission drive system, which encompasses a hydrogen fuel cell and a battery pack to power the vehicle.

The combination of these two technologies makes continuous daily operation of the public transport vehicle feasible.

The bus will feature an electric drive axle packaged to allow a full flat floor throughout the bus, a zero-emission heating/cooling system, the ability for overnight charging and remote diagnostics.

Key to the concept are the lightweight hydrogen storage tanks and the automatic battery management system, which continuously monitors and balances the stored power while the vehicle is in service.

“Wrightbus is a company where innovation and technology is at the core of everything we do and we have led the way in the practical development of clean vehicle technology in buses over many years,” said Wrights Group co-founder & director, William Wright.

“This vehicle joins the recently-launched StreetAir EV and brings an interesting new dimension to zero-emission bus technology offering transport operators a responsible choice to help address the world’s environmental challenges.”