Interior fittings supplier, Wrapping Solutions is partnering with Optima in the current pandemic crisis to produce up to 24,000 facemasks per day in a two-shift operation in Germany.

“According to estimates, around 14m protective masks are needed in Germany every day”, said Wrapping Solutions MD, Wolfgang Schaller.
Optima is supporting operations by optimising work processes.

“We have built a device for folding face masks and successfully put it into operation at Wrapping Solutions,” added Optima Life Science.

This was previously undertaken manually and proved to be a bottleneck in production. Machine-made fabric blanks are folded in the station and ultrasonically welded on both sides. In the last work step, loops are sewn to the masks.
“We are very pleased with the technical support from a special machine manufacturer like Optima,” said Schaller.

“This is a first step towards accelerating the production of the masks. In order to further increase the company’s production capacity, talks are currently underway on possible automation of this process.”