Huber+Suhner said its claimed super-fast high power charging system has been selected by EV charging network providers Electrify America and Ionity.

The system branded Radox (not to be confused with a liquid soap) High Power Charging (HPC) system offers charging times below 15 minutes, H+S claimed, ahead of showing the system at HMI Hannover from today till 5 April.

Charging times are said to be below 15 minutes for an 80% state of charge, especially suitable for the large battery packs of electric vehicles and trucks.

"The majority of [VW Group US unit] Electrify America's network of 2,800 charging systems will use the HPC system to provide a charging offering with the HPC already installed across multiple states in the US," the company said in a statement.

Max Goeldi of Huber+Suhner added: "We are delighted to work with Electrify America to benefit thousands of current EV drivers and we're looking forward to showing the HPC system to attendees at HMI Hannover."

The HPC system offers a smaller cable cross section than the traditional industry option, due to its integrated cooling system. Thin and flexible, the cooled cables are said to be light and easy to handle.