VW said it would work with Chinese technology companies to offer autonomous driving vehicles for the local market, according to Stephan Woellenstein, CEO of Volkswagen Group China.

In an online interview with China Daily, Woellenstein said: “Our approach in China is somewhat different from Europe and the US.”

The German automaker is working with US autonomous driving startup Argo for products for the US and Europe but said it would adopt a more China-specific approach in that market by using local technology companies.

Woellenstein said: “We believe we need a strong Chinese partner or two on our side in order to comply with the forthcoming autonomous driving regulations in China. We will try to keep global synergies here but in a China-specific way. We cannot do this alone”.

He said his company was in advanced talks with Chinese autonomous driving technology providers, but without revealing names.

According to local reports, Volkswagen is currently working with Chinese drone maker DJI on advanced driving assist functions for its Chinese made vehicles.

VW CEO Hebert Diess had previously stated he expected “autonomous driving will entirely change our world, because it will change how people will use their vehicles”.

He also said he expected electric vehicles (EVs) to account for around half of global sales by 2030, with some serious competitors to emerge from China.

VW expects to offer six electric models based on its MEB platform this year.