Volkswagen brand sales rose 3.5% year on year in May to 513,500 vehicles worldwide.

Some 158,000 vehicles were delivered in Europe, a rise of 6.7%. The Netherlands (+35.6%), France (+10.5%) and Italy (+9.9%) were the main drivers of this.
In Germany, 50,800 vehicles were sold, 6.0% more than in May 2016. The new Tiguan remained a particular favourite, and recorded the clearest increase of all Volkswagen models.
The Volkswagen brand also reported further growth in central and eastern Europe where sales rose 22.7% to 22,900 vehicles. The main driver was Russia with a substantial rise of 27.9%. The recently launched new Tiguan, which is produced locally, continues to be very popular.
US sales rose 4.3% to 30,000 vehicles. Delivery of the new Atlas SUV built at the factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee commenced in mid-May, and 1,600 were sold, taking VW into a new segment.
In South America, sales rose 14.7% to 35,000. Argentina sales rose 27.5% to 10,300 vehicles.
In China, VW’s largest market, May sales were up 4% to 241,600. The Tiguan was also popular with volume up 61% to 29,100 vehicles.

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen brand sales chief, said: “Our deliveries grew in almost all key markets. As a result, our overall delivery figures for the period January to May are at last year’s level.”