Volvo Trucks has introduced new features to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using driver aids.

The features have been designed to meet forthcoming EU safety legislation, the General Safety Regulation (GSR), set to come into effect in July 2024.

“We already offers the other systems that will become mandatory in 2024 with GSR,” claimed Anna Wrige Berling, traffic and product safety director at Volvo Trucks.

The new features:

Front Range Short Assist employs a front radar and camera to identify people in the truck’s path, notifying the driver of possible danger through visual and auditory alerts.

Intelligent Speed Assist detects road speed signs and displays the corresponding limit on the instrument panel. Visual and sound alerts notify the driver if the speed limit is exceeded.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System keeps track of tyre pressure, complying with the GSR by alerting the driver when pressure drops 20% below the minimum level. The system can alert drivers sooner if desired and is able to monitor a variety of under- and over-pressure readings, improving energy efficiency.

Door Opening Warning is fitted for both sides, providing a warning if a moving object approaches from behind in the monitored area where the doors open. It remains active when the vehicle is stationary and for two minutes after the engine is switched off.

Auto Hold ensures the vehicle remains stationary untill the accelerator is pressed, aiding hill stops and starts.