Renault Trucks is now producing and distributing Kleuster Freegones e-cargo bikes. These are assembled at the automaker’s Venissieux site and distributed through its European network.

“Through this partnership, [we are] adding last mile delivery [products] to [our] electric vehicle range,” the truck maker said.

With the expansion of low-emission zones (LEZ) and booming demand for last mile delivery, Kleuster launched its professional e-cargo bike eight years ago.

These bikes are now being sold through the French Renault Trucks network and in its European network from 2023.

Freegones assembly and logistics have moved to a 2,100 m2 building at Venissieux where 12 production workers will boost capacity fivefold in comparison to 2022.

Two hundred Freegones are now in use in France.

Using the truck manufacturer’s distributors in several European countries allows Kleuster to take full advantage of a dense and local network to guarantee sales and aftersales services. Renault Trucks gains potential new clients by covering the entire logistics chain as “Freegones take over where trucks stop”.

With its 80km (50 miles) range, the e-cargo bike can be more productive than a utility vehicle and more cost-effective, thanks to its low carrying cost.

It offers five modules (dry box, refrigerated box, food service, flat bin, and refuse skip).