Volvo Group has recognised 11 companies with its Purchasing Supplier Award in Gothenburg for commitment to performance and continuous improvement.

“We are recognising our suppliers’ efforts to realise Volvo Group’s promises to our customers”, said Volvo Group CEO, Martin Lundstedt.
Volvo added the event marks how it works with purchasers and suppliers to “secure we are in the forefront of innovation and future R&D” for all its product ranges, taking into account cost and profitability.

“This recognition is for all our suppliers that are not satisfied until our customers are,” noted head of Volvo Group Purchasing, Patrik Lundblad.

The suppliers are awarded in six different categories: Fuel Efficiency & Innovation, Cost Excellence, Project Execution Excellence, Delivery Excellence, Aftermarket Excellence and Total Value Management Excellence.

Fuel Efficiency & Innovation Excellence

MAHLE, Germany, Europe

Awarded for having demonstrated a number of innovative technology solutions in the area of Engine Pistons significantly improving fuel consumption and emission levels.

SAG-Fueltech, Austria, Europe

Awarded for their innovation in the rheo-casting process of aluminium parts, replacing iron parts on the chassis. This semi-solid casting process has resulted in components with significant weight reductions as well as cost saving potential.

Cost Excellence

Facil Europe BVBA, Belgium, Europe

Awarded for cost savings and material cost implementations for European and Asian business of fasteners solution through the SCOS platform facilitating necessary actions, teamwork, atmosphere and keeping momentum.

Gnutti Carlo, Italy, Europe

Gnutti proposed a number of technical cost saving ideas and established close collaboration with the sourcing and engineering community. They are awarded for their savings implemented since 2013 for the new rocker arm parts for  Euro 6.

Randon Suspensys, Brazil, South America

Awarded for identifying and implementing several ideas for the Volvo Group Purchasing Cost saving programme, being supportive, keeping their competitiveness and focusing on concrete cost reduction ideas on vendor suspension and axles for Trucks and Buses.

Sanden Automotive, Japan, Asia

Sanden has been working during the SCOS programme with the same vision as the Volvo Group; to reduce material cost. Awarded for their global partnership and momentum to support cost improvements for Volvo’s CAB plants around the world within the compressor area.

Project Execution Excellence

KIRCHHOFF Witte, Germany, Europe

Awarded for their success in being ready on time with the right products and [being] extremely good in assessing risk and proposing mitigation plans in the complex sheet metal segment.

Delivery Excellence

Federal Mogul, Slide Bearings, Poland, Europe

Awarded for their successful delivery to all Volvo Group’s Powertrain Production Engine sites, for meeting factory  demands and being service minded, flexible, collaborative and knowledgeable.

Aftermarket Excellence

Donaldson, US, North America

Awarded for good delivery precision, strong quality and proactive performance in sourcing aftermarket projects for several years.

Total Value Management Excellence

Dürr, Germany, Europe

Awarded for providing good support and having creative industrial solutions helping Volvo Group to stay within budget and still meet quality and production targets in Volvo Group plants.

LeasePlan, Netherlands, Europe

Awarded for achieving a high level of pro-activeness by proposing and implementing several Total Cost Ownership (TCO) improvements and providing best in class services in the company car Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Management area.