Volvo Cars has maintained a strong sales momentum in September with global sales rising 12.9% year on year.

The company sold 60,622 cars during the month, as sales grew in all its key regions of the US, China and Europe.

In the first nine months of 2018, Volvo sold more cars than it did in the whole of 2014, which was also a record year. Sales for the January-to-September period reached 472,553 cars, up 14.3%. In 2014, Volvo sold 465,866 cars.

The strong performance in 2018 has put the automaker on course for a fifth consecutive year of record sales, with the new V/S60 models yet to hit the showrooms. The company reported sales of 571,577 cars in 2017.

During September, US sales grew 10.3%, as demand for SUVs continued to be strong. Volvo sold 8,715 cars during the month, compared with 7,900 in September 2017.

China reported a growth of 14.4% in September, with retail sales hitting 13,205 cars. The robust performance was on the back of high demand for the locally assembled XC60 and S90 models.

In Europe, sales reached 29,922 cars in September, increasing by 8.4% compared with September 2017, following high demand for the XC60 and XC40 models. UK sales totalled 8,461 cars in September, up 7.6% compared with the same month in 2017.
Globally, the new XC60 continued to be the best selling model in the first nine months of the year, with 134,975 sold (2017: 10,473 units), followed by the XC90, with total sales at 70,329 cars (2017: 60,596) and the V40/V40 Cross Country at 59,501 cars (2017: 69,116 units). During the first nine months of 2018, the XC40 sold 48,543 cars and the S90 43,834 units (2017: 28,933 units).