Volkswagen Group deliveries last June rose 5.1% year on year 883,400 vehicles. First half deliveries were up 1.5% to 5.12m.

Markets in Europe and Asia-Pacific continued to show solid growth but deliveries in the North American region, were the diesel emissions scandal has hit the VW brand hard, and led to some vehicles being withdrawn from sale, were "slightly down". South America saw a further decrease.

"Solid growth overall during the first half year is partly attributable to the strong performance in June. The main impetus came from the regions of Europe and Asia-Pacific. The pleasing result reflects our customers' trust in our products even in these challenging times", said groups sales chief Fred Kappler.

European group sales rose 3.8% to 2.2m with western Europe volume up 3.3% and central and eastern Europe 6.7%. Italy and Spain in the west and Poland and the Czech Republic in the east provided the main impetus.

Deliveries in Russia stabilised in the second quarter and sales rose 0.9% to 14,500 vehicles.

North America first half sales fell 4.3% to 444,100 while South America volume was off 24.7% to 223,800.

"Deliveries in the region continued to decline as a result of the continued tense economic situation, particularly in Brazil," VW said in a statement.

In Asia-Pacific, H1 sales rose 15% to 333,300 with China up 18.7%. Year to date, sales were up 5.1% to 2.04m across the region.